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Manufacturer:David Crabtree & Son LTD. Bradford, England

Year of manufacture:2001

Number of colours:12 colours

Loom size (working width):4 meter

Reed densities:7 pitch / inch

276 pitch / meter

Linear qualities:4 rows / inchto 14 + rows / inch

160 rows / meter to 550 + rows / meter

Pile length at draw off:0.6875 to 1.375

17.5 mm to 35 mm

Tuft length

( pile above backing Corinthian weave):0.25 to 0.60

6 mm to 15 mm

Weave types / constructions:3 shot

Corinthian broadloom weave

Kardax rug weave Loom speed:100 picks per minute Noise levels:not to exceed 85 dB Efficiency coefficient:(see below)

Weaving efficiencies ( hour to hour ) between 70 % and 80 % This figure will depend on the following variables:

•Correct tubing and creeling sequence

•Proper pile yarn quality

•Proper weft and warp yarn quality

•Knotless yarns

•Tuner / weaver / creeler skill and aptitude

•Proper utility services to loom and Jacquard

Production efficiencies ( month to month ): up to 80 % of weaving efficiency figure

This figure will depend on the following variables:

•Actual weaving efficiencies achieved

•Frequency and duration of creel changing

•Frequency and duration of pattern changing

•Frequency and duration of warp beam changing

•Time spent for maintenance / cleaning and other downtime


1. Total weaving machine, Jacquard and back half approximates to 25 tonnes total weight.

Loom and Jacquard supplied as built-up integral unit.

Front view (right + left side)

2. Weft insertion by centre exchange rapiers, according to tip transfer technique, driven by conjugate cams in sealed gearboxes, through semi-flexible tape drive.

3. Many cam driven motions on loom and Jacquard use hardened and ground steel cams, operating in oil-filled, enclosed camboxes.

4. Weft Feeder by IRO.

5. Lay motion by conjugated cam drive, in fully enclosed oil-filled gearboxes, with 5 drives for 4 meter loom. Lay drives are incorporated in to the loom framing.

6. Warp shedding of the 3 heddle frames by 2 cams only.

7. Positively driven Gripper open and close motion, with controlled speed draw off to facilitate accuracy of tuft length and control of pile.

7. Knife drive and cutting by conjugated cam drive utilizing reduced size knife rail and knife carrier, and simple clamp-in type knife bit .

8. Loom back half supplied with standard warp beam stand warp beams included. Warp let off by individually controlled motorized drive units.

9. Carpet take up by servo-driven spiked roller.

10. Tuft rake driven from enclosed cambox drives

11. Fully flexible operational Electronic Jacquard, providing full 12 colour availability and operation, with provision for empty carpet backing frame.

12. On-loom control system features specifically designed MMI (Man Machine Interface), providing reporting on and adjustment to various loom settings and performance criteria.

14. Loom back half has been designed to accommodate a full 6 bar Grob warp dropper stop motion, integrated into the loom MMI.

15. Lubrication systems include for both centralized pumped lubricant controlled by loom

PLC, and fully enclosed oil-filled gear and camboxes.

16. Floor mounted, independently-driven carpet roll up unit.

17. The total number of warp beams supplied will be 9 (6 for use + 3 spares)

18. The yarn tube collector board, with supporting structure for mounting to the loom, clips, tubes and eyelets are included.

19. Whole creel construction is included

For complete information and pictures, donload PDF file

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